I want to train to be a priestess with you, where do I get started?
I’m confused, what is this new system you’re transitioning into?

SpiritWoman1 Training brings participants into alignment with their feminine power, their emotional alchemy, and their self-awareness. SpiritWoman2 builds on this foundation to open participants to the tremendous magic of connecting with Earth and Sky, the spirit world and the physical world, simultaneously and in balanced-integrity through intuitive ritual. We are committed to this sequence, as we have learned that the essential tools presented in the first class are the necessary foundation for walking in integrity in the spiritwork of the second class. After these two levels are mastered (which may take more than one go-round with each class), these women are acknowledged as SpiritWoman graduates, and become eligible for professional training in various HeartWisdom Guild Pathways classes including shamanic healing, temple priestess arts, land energy steward, oracle, sacred dancer, and circle facilitation.

What is a priestess?

The answer can vary greatly depending on who you talk to. In the HeartWisdom Guild we regard a priestess as a woman and a leader who holds feminine strength and authentic power while acting in service to others, in integrity and in the highest good of all concerned. She creates and facilitates the rituals and ceremonies and holds sacred space within which others may come into connection with their Divine Source. She guides and inspires others (inspire = in spirit) to pursue that which is in their highest good. She isn’t afraid to be different—she can vulnerably reveal her authentic self, stand in her truth (stand by her principles), regardless of what others do or think. She is devoted to the HeartWisdom Field at all times. Read more here»

What is feminine energy?

We spend entire trainings exploring the answers. It’s one side of an energy polarity (the other side being masculine) that each of us has within us. “Feminine” is not necessarily the same thing as “female”. Feminine energy is magnetism, manifestation, present-moment, creativity, vulnerability, space-holding, embodiment, and more. Read more here»

Is this a religion?

We are not a religion. We don’t tell you what to believe, we encourage you to discover your own spiritual balance and use your own internal guidance, to find your unique path. We help you tap into the intuitive and healing gifts you naturally already have, which may be applied to any spiritual path or tradition.

What is your lineage and history?

We are a part of the HeartWisdom Guild, founded by Mellissa Seaman. Read more here»

What is the HeartWisdom Guild?

HeartWisdom is a community of people who value both spirituality and personal integrity, as embodied in the HeartWisdom Field – shared intentional statements»

When will the next session of Temple Priestess training begin?

As of Spring 2012 the program is shifting and now begins with SpiritWoman Training, before continuing with Temple Priestess Pathways Course. For more info on SpiritWoman go to HeartWisdomGuild.com. The next Temple Priestess Pathways Course open to SpiritWoman 1&2 graduates will begin early 2013.

I want to take a training but I can’t make all the scheduled dates, is this okay?

It is not recommended you miss any of the scheduled dates. If you have absences, it will reduce the likelihood you’ll be certified as completing the training, plus it will affect your sisters and the group field – make sure you can commit to the dates prior to registering!

Can I join a training that’s already started?

No, the trainings are closed programs, there is no late admittance. This serves to contain and build the energy between the women that come together to work together, creating a safer space for developing trust, and deepening the experience.

Do you ever include men?

Once in a while we include male partners or men from the community for special occasions, but not that often. Mellissa Seaman and Richard Bock facilitated a Tantric Priest program here in San Diego in 2006, and we keep in touch with as many of the priests as we are able. Why be exclusionary with “women-only” workshops and programs? Read more here»

Are there other ways I might work with you or get involved with the temple priestesses?

We occasionally schedule community events, free gatherings, workshops, rituals, and ceremonies that are open to others. The best way to stay on top of announcements is to join our mailing list here. You can also check our calendar and community pages. Both Jennifer and Kaliani offer private healing and coaching sessions, as well as their own workshops and events separate from the Priestess program.

Do you offer anything for folks not local to San Diego, California?

It is our intention to offer intensive retreats and online programs, but these things are still brewing on the back burner. If you would like to keep tabs on what we’re up to, please join our mailing list here, you may opt-out at any time. And of course you are welcome to bookmark this site and check back from time to time.

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